ESET Endpoint Security

Keep your network clean and protect your endpoints (computers, smartphones, tablets and fileserver) against emerging threats and data theft with security that is easily manageable from a single console.

Our key focuses are quality of service delivery and security.To meet the demands of growing IT need we offer host of Professional grade IT products and equipment’s which stands out in the market as the leaders.

We offer arrays or hardware and software solution to protect our clients and business partner from the threat arising in todays network.

Security being key emphasis at this era of IT Revolution we have partnered with ESET to provide our business client with cost effecting yet superior and advance security from all kinds of threat currently lurking in the World Wide Web.
To enhance the security and stability of the network and computers in the office to neutralize and tackle all threat originating from internet and within the users.
To protect office server and client system from virus, spam, spyware and other attacks internally and externally.

To meet the requirement in this case we have ESET EndPoint Security that takes care of following.

  • Antivirus
  • Antispyware
  • Device Control
  • Two-way Firewall
  • Antispam
  • Remote Management?

Along with the above feature set it gives more granular control over network users and provides more robust service delivery, which in result gives optimized efficiency.Here are few of the points.

  • Mitigate IT risks: Blocking malware and thwarting attacks are the principal goals of companies deploying end- point security solutions.
  • Remediate intrusions more efficiently: Companies are increasingly concerned with quickly and cost-effectively handling the aftermath of a malware attack. Endpoint provides answer to all such issues. By handling
  • Improve system performance: This driver is the one most cited by large enterprises, where degraded system performance can have a widespread negative impact.
  • Consolidate endpoint security infrastructure and software: Endpoint security components can be installed on the same hardware and software platform consolidating on a single solution. No additional hardware required.
  • Manage endpoint security more efficiently: Providing Training to in-house IT staff to ensure effective management and our remote and onsite support to back you up on any events.
  • Centrally managed and administration: A centrally managed solution boosts efficiency in several areas, including delivering security updates and new software to end users; resolving virus and malware issues, locating users on a network creating accounts and maintaining policies; and providing user access and authorization
  • Control of user-installed applications and devices: Keeping unauthorized applications and devices off the network saves companies from lot of intrusion and malwares.
  • Automated report generation: To better identify security problems and quickly satisfy auditing and compliance requirements time to generate reports is cut by 99 percent and time to complete security audits by 97 percent
  • Background personal computer security scans: Background scans boost IT and end- user productivity.
  • Please contact us for any help or clarification or security scans and product demo. We will be happy to help.Please refer to for further details on our product.