COVID-19 Update

Dear Valued Customers,

Firstly we would like to give you our best wishes and thank you for helping the nation in effort to fight the risk of COVID-19 by following the directive of staying home. It is very essential to isolate ourselves and stay home and help fight the pandemic that is upon us.

As communication becomes essential service in this situation putting our network on tremendous load. We need to have the facility to communicate with each other till the situation normalizes. Internet becomes life-line in the current scenario. This puts tremendous demand in network world-wide and within Nepal too. We have already seen increase in traffic demands. In order to cope up with current surge demands, we need to add capacity in our backbone but due to global crisis and panic, we will not be able to add more capacity to meet the unexpected demand until the situation improves.

As of this crisis government has urged people to stay at home and work from home as much as possible. As we need to ensure the quality of service for people working from home in different sector like health and government services, businesses running from home and other so some of us might experience congestion during peak hours (8PM-10 PM). We will do our best to increase capacity and provide quality service as far as possible. We request all our users to prioritize communication over entertainment. This means cutting down in our gaming and video watching time.

We will try to run office as far as possible, however, we realize that health and safety of staff is equally important, so we will try to keep minimum staffs required to keep the service up and running.

During this situation we request our users no to move the location of routers or cables which might result in cable damage or breakage, also not to reset the router if you are not fully aware on how to configure it. Such issue requires onsite support and we might not be able to send onsite support in such crisis situation.

We will try our best to provide our customers with quality service but as of this crisis and request your patience to service you better.

Our warm wishes for your safety.


Also consider reading WHO Official site for global updates on this. Consider to add WHO WhatsApp service to your WhatsApp.